SDA BFT deploys On Demand Packaging®

Right-sized boxes for customized garage doors

SDA is the leading manufacturer of residential garage doors as well as industrial doors and roller shutters in France and whole Europe. The French company is known for its innovative products and also certified for its sectional up-and-over and sliding garage doors. Every product is designed in-house in Fretin, France and highly customizable to fit exactly what the customer needs. Also, SDA is very serious about protecting the environment, so they implemented a strategy for recycling most of their steel, plastic and paper waste. To optimize their fulfilment process, they offer an online customization and order tool for home deliveries. The need for increasing sustainability and an improved delivery process, let SDA decide to install an On Demand Packaging® system. Supplier Packsize was already known by the industry and both intentions of the companies of eco-friendlyness and customization perfectly fit together, so SDA opt for Packsize as their partner of choice.

The challenge for the On Demand Packaging® system was to contribute to the sustainability efforts even further, optimize SDAs warehouse space as well as increase their throughput.

Packsize Solution for SDA

The installed solution is a Packsize EM7-35, combined with two cross conveyors. The different dimensions of all possible products are sent directly from the warehouse system of SDA to the operator panel of the machine to create the right-sized box on demand. The system is able to produce 10 different designs. “Because we manufacture customized doors, our packaging process is very specific. Each package has to be adapted to the dimensions of the door, so the Packsize solution is ideal for us,” Olivier explains. He also refers to the profound study of their process and needs on the part of the Packsize team, consisting of Ludovic Grall and Cyril Baudet.

Post implementation, SDA achieved a huge space saving with the On Demand Packaging® system compared to the cardboard storage before. Now looking at the initial project goals past some time since the solution has been installed, there is a clearly visible success. The productivity in terms of faster packaging and deliveries of SDA increased and also, there is a significant decrease in product damages. In addition to that, the On Demand Packaging® system valuably contributes to the sustainability efforts of SDA by reducing CO² emissions.

On Demand Packaging® valuably contributes to the sustainability efforts of SDA by reducing CO² emissions

huge space saving compared to the cardboard storage before

a significant decrease in product damages

increased productivity in terms of faster packaging and deliveries

One of the initiators of the project was Oliver David, R&D responsible for SDA. “As we are manufacturing customized garage doors, we need a packaging which perfectly suits to every of our products, regardless of different lengths and sizes. It is very important to secure a safe transportation without any damages” said David. “With Packsize, we see a great chance in using less corrugated and void fill while minimizing product damages at the same time. Also, to us sustainability really matters and we constantly try to reduce our company´s carbon footprint.” Before implementing the Packsize solution, SDA has already been working successfully on recycling and reducing a high percentage of their waste.

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