How Smart Packaging Ensures Your Customers’ Shipments Arrive Safely

Let’s place ourselves in the shoes of the average consumer for a moment, shall we? What are their expectations surrounding a package that’s scheduled to arrive safe and sound on the front doorstep? An on-time delivery is certainly a perk. The U.S. Postal Service says that it partners with UPS and FedEx for air transportation needs to ensure timely delivery, according to 2017 USPS statistics. USPS also notes that it has rolled out technology for smartphones that allows proactive customers to track their shipment.

Another expectation that consumers are well within their rights for wanting is for the order to arrive in one piece. This responsibility falls to the company that packs and ships the item for delivery. This is also where Packsize’s services come in.

Packsize specializes in customized boxes that are designed and created in-house and shipped safely to the customer. With technology to create a wide range of parcels that include everything from the standard RSC box, to specialized designs, your company is clearly displaying its dedication to customer service. This is accomplished through the installation of a custom box-making machine near your company’s packaging area. When an item of any shape or size is about to be shipped, you’ll no longer waste time scouring your inventory of cardboard boxes—just produce the right box on the spot!packsize

While all major shipping companies have protocols that offer recourse for customers whose deliveries were damaged, there are also recent media reports of delivery workers carelessly placing packages and causing damage to the contents inside. With a Packsize custom box, the odd-sized order is safely contained within a parcel that fits almost like a glove and is reinforced to defend against damage during shipping. Where in the past your company may have resorted to Styrofoam or packing peanuts as a way to protect vulnerable and valuable items, Packsize can provide right-sized boxes. In general, a box that’s right-sized gives orders less space to bounce around, thereby minimizing the risk of damaged goods in transit. In the case of larger or more fragile items like cabinets and furniture, Packsize machines come equipped to print specialized corner protections for an extra layer of security. And, referring back to our initial point, orders arriving unharmed is an expectation of consumers everywhere.

From the CEO’s perspective, installing custom box-making machines offers benefits that are three-fold:

  1. You’ll see more customer satisfaction thanks to fewer damaged items and less corrugated cardboard to dispose of at home.
  2. Your company will be saving money by cutting down on the stockpiles of boxes that were once needed to fit randomized order sizes.
  3. Finally—and this is a topic that grows more important by the day—using less corrugated packaging material over cardboard means a more environmentally-friendly package.

With Packsize’s machines close at hand, your company is bound to benefit.